Getting Gray space filling up my project layout

does anyone know what this is? It happens on my fresh install of Cubase Artist 11 on a Tital GT77 running Win11. When I open the project layout, I start to get this gray fill that starts to come in slowly…if I move the mouse over it, it clears up, but then comes back in…i never had this before on the old pc…i just moved everything recently.
Gray fill on workspace.pdf (2.5 MB)

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This is not related to Cubase at all. This is issue in the graphical card.

Please search the forum, I replied this multiple times already here.

ok, so i posted a reply saying it wasn’t that, but decided to go ahead and search the forum anyway…and found one of your posts regarding how to change over to the studio driver…i hate doing that kind of stuff because it can cause issues, but I knew I could change to onboard graphics and not lose my ability to see anything…so i found the exact studio driver for my 3070 Ti GPU, unistalled the gaming driver, installed the studio driver without all the excess crap, rebooted, started up cubase, and so far its as clean as a whistle…no more issues…thank you very much! It worked great.

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Just to share the link, this is the thread.