Getting HSO to work under Halion Sonic (Mac 10.7 Lion)

On the Steinberg Lion compatibility page it says about HSO:

“Plug-in not detected by host. No update planned but runs as VST Sound Instrument Set based on HALion Sonic on Lion.”

Can someone please explain exactly what this means and how I might get my HSO sets into Halion Sonic: I have the full versions of both. I can’t “see” any HSO sound set in HS nor anyway of importing it.

Interestingly there is nothing about “VST Sound Instrument Sets” in either of the Cubase 6 or Halion Sonic Operations Manuals.

Thank you


No HSO presets in HALion Sonic SE either?

Interesting question.

When I installed the full version of Halion Sonic it “removed” the SE version from my list of available VST instruments. However if I pull up an old project that had a SE instrument assigned, the SE instrument loads. (Confused!).

Getting back to your reply - when that SE instrument loads, no, I get no HSO presets showing.

Is something wrong with my installation? It sounds it.

I’m running Cubase 6.0.3 with Halion Sonic 4.0.2 (both standard installations)


HS does not remove HSSE. They are two different applications. Look for HSSE under Steinberg/Synth (HSSE is one deeper than HS) when selecting in the instrument menu.

BTW, HS is at version 1.5.2, ATM. You mean HALion 4?

Regardless, you ought to upgrade both. C6 is at version 6.0.5 and H4 is at 4.5.1.

(I am on Windows.)

Thanks, Elektrobolt,

No, I don’t mean Halion 4, I do mean Halion Sonic and Cubase 6.

I’ve now resolved this by reinstalling the whole lot, Cubase 6, HS and HSO and the HSO sounds do now appear as an instrument set in Halion Sonic, which was what I was missing before.

I couldn’t have done the initial installation correct.


Awesome, glad to see that your situation is resolved! :slight_smile: