Getting in to MySteinberg

I’m sorry that this isn’t an appropriate forum but I’ve kind of given up trying to work out where else to post my question.

I can’t get in to MySteinberg to check my e-licenser is registered. I’m pretty sure it is, but I want to be sure.

However, when I try to log on none of my usual passwords work. So I head to the ‘Forgotten password’ option only to be told “Please activate your account first”. Well how can I do that when I can’t even log on!?

So, here’s hoping a Steinberg employee reads this and can help.


Did you search your old emails for ‘’? If it’s still in there you might be able to use it. From what you said it sounds like you did not click the link in that verification email, thus you could not have added your USB key’s number there.

Tried that, yes, but I bought Cubase about five years ago so I suspect the original has gone. The only activation email I found seemed to work to get me on here, but not for MySteinberg.

Just create a new account and see if you can input your USB key number there. You might need a second email address for that.

Also you can email

Thank you, muchly.

Although it occurs to me that creating a new account won’t work if, as I suspect, I have actually already registered…

So far, no response at all!

What’s their usual response time, folks?


I replied to your e-mail. Your software is registered there already and the account is active already.
You were using the wrong username.

Please, reply to my e-mail if you have further issues.


That’s great. Thanks, Fabio.

Love this board!