Getting instruments from PSR 975 in Cubase possible?

Is it possible to get the instruments from PSR 975 in Cubase Elements?
and I don’t mean to have my keyboard hooked up to my laptop all the time.
Just trying to get the instruments to my laptop, so I can composed on my laptop and have the correct sounds. idk if that’s possible.

Thank you

Only if Yamaha provided a VST plugin to go along with that keyboard.

I can get that.
Just need to figure out then, how to get the sounds into cubase

ok found the 970 in Cubase. it’s the same as 975.
So added it under the Midi Device Manager.
Now figuring out the rest lol

Strange, steinberg is owned by yamaha but they can’t make their hardware and software (Psr-s975 and cubase) to integrate easily, sad