Getting Ivory VSTi to work

I’d like to try and get Ivory II (the standalone version is 2.5.0) on 10.12.5 working with Dorico 1.1, please

The only (I think relevant) Ivory component which appears in /Library/Audio/Plug-ins is actually in ‘VST’ (neither VST2 nor VST3; it’s Ivory.vst.

Its Package doesn’t seem to have a file with its GUID string.

Where would I find it, please?

Then, in my Defaults.xml file, there is nothing with the value=“0” already; can I just create one with Ivory II’s GUID string (assuming I can find it)?

Then add:

Ivory II
GUID string

to the vst2whitelist.txt file


Update: per these instructions, would I be right that from Dorico 1.1, the GUID etc is no longer necessary?

Not sure exactly what is meant by this line there:

Here is how to access the folder VSTAUdioEngine resp. VSTAudioEngine_64

Safe/necessary to remove:

Vst2xPlugin Blacklist VSTAudioEngine.xml
Vst2xPlugin Infos VSTAudioEngine.xml
Vst2xPlugin SearchPaths VSTAudioEngine.xml


I do now see ‘Ivory’ in the VST rack, and single-clicking on the ‘e’ invokes the Ivory II Standalone.

But I don’t get any sound in Dorico - only in that standalone.

I’m close, aren’t I?

All you need to do, Mark, is add a line containing the single word “Ivory” to a text file called vst2whitelist.txt, and put it in /Users/your-username/Library/Preferences/VSTAudioEngine/.

Thanks so much, Daniel!

That’s what I eventually ended up with; see grab.

But I still don’t get sound in either Write or Play and Ivory.vst selected in the VST Rack.

Couldn’t believe after all the other discussions of how to enable non VST3 plug-ins that you were correct - I found by simply adding the word “Ivory” to that file, Dorico detected, opened and (in my case) played Ivory 2 fine (for what it’s worth!) I’m running El Capitan (latest version) on a 2009 Mac Pro with 32 Gigs of ram (solid state drive)…

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Then, because it’s possible, I must be doing something very simple wrong!

I have Ivory.vst in /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST (not ~/Library…). Is that correct? Its permissions are 755; in root/wheel, Yes?

I didn’t - in the end - change Default.xml, or any other file anywhere.

I do see ‘Ivory.vst’ in Dorico 1.1’s VST rack.

It’s obviously communicating with Dorico: a) because I see it in Dorico’s Mixer, and b) because I can invoke Ivory’s standalone console.

I’m also aware that it’s necessary to select and actual ‘piano’… to leave it set to ‘Default*’ is to invite silence.

No errors. But no sound :cry:

Any ideas, please?

The plug-in editor window of Ivory has on the bottom left side a MIDI indicator that should flash whenever the plug-in receives some MIDI data. Is it showing activity with you when you hit playback?

And if you have that project loaded, please go to the main menu and choose Help > Create Diagnostic Report. That will create a zip file on your desktop, please send it to u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de

Mark, have you remembered to plug your iLok in? I know it’s a basic question but generally when I don’t get sound out of Ivory it’s because my iLok’s sitting in a drawer!

Thanks for the instructions Daniel, Ivory in Dorico does work for me.


Yes, Ulf, I see the small red MIDI ‘LED’ flickering/modulating, as I would expect on PLAY etc; I’ll do what you kindly suggest with the Diagnostic Report… Thanks!

Have just sent you the file(s) in question - thanks so much for your help!

Thanks, Yes :wink: Ivory II works perfectly in Sibelius 8.6 all the time. But your tip appreciated!

Does vst2whitelist.txt reside in this folder or you have to create it? I looked for it where you indicated but did not find it, so I have created my own but it changed nothing. Any help here will be appreciated.

That’s right, you had to create it. What is your problem, you also can’t get Ivory to work?
Similar advice as to Mark, please create a very simple project which you expect would work, go to the main menu and choose Help > Create Diagnostic Report. A zip file will get created on your desktop, please send it to u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de.

Hi Mark,
thanks for the data. Looking at it, I could not find anything unusual. Audio device is selected, routing is okay, plug-in is not blacklisted and loaded properly, everything as it should. And the MIDI indicator in Ivory is flashing, so I would expect sound to come out. Very strange your case.
I don’t have Ivory here so I can not try it out myself. On the Session page of Ivory seems to be a Gain knob, is that turned up with you?
What if you open the Dorico Mixer window (press F3), is there some metering flickering when playing back?
And sure, that’s not what you want, but what if you choose the HALion Sonic Piano, that does sound with you, right?

I tried to make Kontakt seen by Dorico, so the .txt file contained a simple word Kontakt, similarly to what you recommended for Ivory. And a one staff project did not see Kontakt in instruments.

It needs to exactly match the name of the plugin. Refer to another host application to see that name as it is displayed. I think Kontakt should show Kontakt 5 16out, for example.

Yes. It was at 0.0 so I turned it to maximum.

What if you open the Dorico Mixer window (press F3), is there some metering flickering when playing back?

No. No movement at all in any of the channels.

Is there something else I could try, please, Ulf?


Thank you very much, Daniel, it worked. Last question: I tried to find the way to open controller lane(s) in Play mode, but found nothing. Also, the search for “controller” in Help returns no hits. Are we there yet?

No, we don’t have controller editing in Play mode yet, but it is definitely in our plans.

Thanks you for your assistance.

With very many thanks to Ulf, this is now solved: my case seemed to arise from the fact either/both that I was instantiating Ivory II without first entering notes in the Halion VST environment or/and that there are two Default settings in Ivory II which need to be ‘replaced’ with actual sounds; I always remembered one of these, but must have been overlooking the second.

Ulf is just one of an increasing number of Steinberg staff experts willing to help out like this - here and offline.

We are fortunate in the extreme. Much appreciated :slight_smile: :slight_smile: