Getting kicked out of engraving mode

Hi, All
I’m working with engraving mode on a large work for concert band. However, whenever I accidentally double click, I’m kicked out of Engraving mode and back into Write mode. I may be missing a setting, and I’m really not complaining here, but it is bothersome to have this happen more often than I’d like- bad mousing, I guess😏
Is there a setting that will allow me to stay in Engrave mode until I choose to select Write mode?

It’s in Preferences > Note Input and Editing > Editing (see pic.).


Thanks so much!

As I mentioned, it wasn’t a complaint; more a curiosity. Editing in Dorico is SO much better than what I had to do in Finale😉

Thanks again!

I have to ask: does “Follow selection changes on undo and redo” have anything to do with how pressing undo includes selecting notes/items?

I’d like to have only actual actions be undone/redone when I ctrl+z/y. It’s annoying having to go through every single note selected before it hits upon an action that actually made a change to the score.

I haven’t been able to find out from the documentation what this does, but it doesn’t do that. The concept of undoing selections is carried over from Sibelius. It can really come in handy when making complex selections, and I doubt they will ever change it.

That pref setting is related specifically to note input, but I have no idea what it does.

I remember an Undo history has been requested quite some time ago. When/if it’s implemented, your life should get easier :wink: