Getting Live Feeds in CONTROL ROOM CUES

I recently upgraded to CUBASE 8 PRO and am wanting to get back into recording again now that I am retired.

I am having problems getting my live feeds from the recording session to feed into the singer headphones (Cue2) and or guitarist headphones (Cue1) at the same time the background tracks previously recorded are playing back.

I am using an M-AUDIO Profire 2626 and have the VST Connections setup as follows:

Guitar MONO Input channel 1
MIC MONO Input Channel 2


CUE 1 (Guitarist) STEREO Output Channel 1/2
CUE 2 (SINGER) STEREO Output Channel 3/4
MONITOR 1 STEREO OUTPUT Channel 7/8 (My cables on the Profile are running from 7/8 to the monitors)

I have all the cue sends setup on all the tracks created and they route to the appropriately. Just can’t get the current live feed when they sing/play to play back at the same time.

I can get the VST INSTRUMENT Track (Halion Sonic SE) to play back at same time so that works.

What am I missing?

Looks fine to me, it should give you an extra step with options to “continue or cancel” if you are doubling up on your I/Os.

To help narrow down the issue (if you don’t have lights on your interface) - switch your monitor cables from 7/8 to 1/2 and see if there is signal.

Might seem like a stupid question but are you sending signal to the cue from the desired track? The cue mix will only contain what you send to it. Make sure you are sending not only the track you are recording but also any other track you want.

I used this to help me get my head round it. Great series - Demystifying the Control Room In Cubase - Part 6 - Studio Sends 1 - YouTube

(they replaced “studio sends” and now call them “cue sends”

What’s odd is on the Mixer, the STEREO OUT meter does not show any activity while I am monitoring and recording. The Stereo Input for the piano on input channels 5/6 shows activity. Once it’s recorded and I play it back with the monitoring turned off, then the output routes to the STEREO OUT meters and works fine.

On the VST Instruments, I can record and hear it as I record because the stereo output is active on this. So for VST Instruments, somehow the signal is getting routed to the STEREO OUT Channel.

I have all the CUE Sends to 1 and 2 turned on for the Piano input channel.

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Another thought, the Cue Sends are not shown in the default ‘initail’ mixer view perhaps those have been missed?

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I clicked on the RACKS and included the CUE SENDS on the mixer. The cue sends are active. I am able to send to the appropriate cues the mix I want for Guitar / Singer and the levels I want for each track. Only thing missing is when recording live on an AUDIO Track, I can’t get it to send anywhere. Once recorded, then it sends to the cues and stereo out.

Does toggling the little monitor icon on the audio track playing/recording live help (speaker icon turning yellow)?

Toggling the little monitor icon on the audio track allows me to see the input signal is coming through. However the STEREO OUT Channel still shows no activity. Once I record the track, then on play back (after I turn off the monitor icon) the STEREO OUT Channel works fine.


Devices → Device Setup

De-select ‘Direct Monitoring’

Awesome. I knew it had to be something easy…


Good stuff! Thanks