getting mad at cubase 7 !

OMG this cubase thing is driving me crazy.

i started with cubase 2.0 on ATARI and i really feel stupid updating to new cubase each years.
but now it reached a level where i can almost NOT WORK with this thing !
dam we have work to do. does steinberg think we’re some kind of nerd doing garage music around with no purpose ? i’m working on soundtracks here for big events / movies or bands…

hell why when i clic this CHANNEL SETTINGS WINDOW the only info i have on left side below each tracks are dam numbers !! am i suppose to know by heart the 130 tracks in each projects ?how do i change this ? right clic gives nothing do i have to spend 10min searching the doc for such a stupid thing ?

omg not to mention all those dbclics and colors changings on each “up/rollover/down” buttons i can never know when a thing is on/bypassed/muted/removed until i clic 3 fokin times on each cells !.. arg why do i even care about this …

really i mean it my cubase 8 will be protools !

Don’t let your blood pressure boil over, amigo…I think the software you really want is Babya Logic Pro. :arrow_right:

yeah really i’m uspet tonight.
you know you have to produce music and you’r facing inspiration (more or less) and and having the tool going wrong is the worst thing that can happen to me.
but … i admit that update 7.0.4 fixed that display problem …
still i’v stoped working on that and will give it a try tomorrow :stuck_out_tongue: