Getting midi activity but no sound produced in my DAW

Halion Sonic SE: The software shows midi activity, I can choose from the Steinberg Library Manager, but not seeing the midi activity in my DAW and no sound is produced. I have the midi input set up as with other VST’s. I’m anxious to get this rolling - thanks for any help.

Monitor button?

Monitor button? I have searched the synthetic. I have searched online. This is not helpful. I need some real help to get this running. Can someone help me that provides more customer service than a two word solution please?

first of all… this is the German part of the forum… so why English?

Second: the monitor button is a button available at different track types and on different DAW types to have the signal audible during recording or stop…

How would I know it’s the German side? My Google search took me here. Yes I’m speaking English. If I need to be re-directed let me know and point me in the right direction.

I am a very new user to this software. Its not rocket science but it’s also not simple for a beginner. I apologize if I have offended. I’m just frustrated. FYI, being I’m new at this your latest response is not helping me either. Is there a Halton for dummies book out there? Haha I guess I need it.

Sorry, spell check…Halion.

Yes that’s what one of the representatives told me to look for. I did find it but it made no difference. I really want to use this synth but I’m really frustrated not getting real assistance in solving my issue. I have heard great things about this product. But there’s nothing worse than spending hours trying to make something work to no avail. If someone cannot help me then just tell me and I will uninstall it.

you tagged your post “Auf Deutsch”

we have not enough information to help you…

System? DAW?
How do you send MIDI?
Which library content do you use?

Isn’t it funny that up until this latest email that no-one has asked me these questions?
Windows 10, Cakewalk By Bandlab latest rev, I’m using a Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 Interface, Alesis midi usb/Midi Controller Keyboard

OK, I’m out… sorry, this is not funny…

There really seems to be a disconnect here and I don’t think it’s funny either. A short while ago I saw a similar thread having the same issue I was regarding Halion Sonic SE. I jumped on it with my issue. I was told I need to start my own thread which is this one. Ever since I have gotten nothing except you guys giving me a hard time. I don’t get it. Then I’m told why the English. I apologized and asked to be directed to the correct person. Nothing. You ask my what I’m using, I give you the info and now it’s This is not funny , I’m out. I’m tired of getting the run around and request this be forwarded to your superior to get action.

To make it clear… this is a public forum…

I was asking for more information than you provided…
and still, the thread is tagged as “Auf Deutsch”

I do not know what “Auf Deutsch” means. If you needed more information than what I provided you should be specific. As I stated very early on I am knew to all of this which should have been considered in my communications to you. Though this is public I assumed this was Steinberg connected. So my apologies for that. So once again, how do I connect with the English portion of this so I don’t keep bothering you?

Deutsch means German