Getting midi in signal but not midi out signal

I’m using a Yamaha DX11 controller. Cubase shows a midi in signal in the transport panel, but no midi out signal. I have set it up to output through HalionOne. I tried using a midi channel and an instrument channel but nothing.

I had the same problem with Alesis QS8.1. I managed to get in the playback the MIDI track mixed with audio and instrument tracks. But when I did a mixdown (Export in File Menu), all tracks were in the mix except the program’s sound of QS8.1
I checked in /out VST connexions and MIDI Manager : All seems OK (Komplete Audio 6 interface received MIDI message when I play with QS8. In Cubase LE6, MIDI events and piano-roll track is OK)é
I set MIDI track : In=All Midi Inputs / Out = QS(Microsoft Wavetable…)
OK for the playback But not for the mixdown

Do you find a way to solve this issue?

You need to do a realtime export, and if not availabke, record the to audio first.