Getting my Hard Drive VSTs onto Cubase

I think I posted this in the wrong spot a second ago so I’ll try here.

So I recently purchased Komplete 11 Ultimate and downloaded everything onto my hard drive because it was just too much software to upload it to my OS drive. So I am now at the point to trying to figure out how to upload or get my Komplete 11 sounds from my hard drive onto cubase when I open cubase up. Hopefully someone is able to help. Don’t know if this is the right place or not, just looking for someone who may know how to solve this. Thanks.

Hi and welcome,

With NI Komplete, you got a large sound library. This one you probably installed to the hard drive. But this is managed by NI plug-ins (software) itself. So in the plug-ins (for example NI Kontakt) you have to setup, where the libraries are (if NI Kontakt can’t see them).

By default, NI instals it’s plug-ins (dll files) to its own folder (not to the standard one). This is why Cubase doesn’t see the plug-ins after the installation. You have to observe the NI installer (or ask NI manual), where are the plug-ins (dll files) installed. Then add this folder in Cubase Plug-in Manager to the list.