Getting my head around for optimal BCF2000 midi remote mapping, need advice

Hello, so I switched my mode to : U-1
But I am slightly confused, because, I cannot mapp far-right side panel buttons…

Is it normal?
Not use-able?

Because I just want my BCF2000 to be USB-midi plain vanilla midi device,
so I just want to map all the buttons and faders to my taste.
e.g. I am planning just for mainly Quick Controls

and probably the remaining for, transport device and some custom key-commands.

Probably not using it for mixing because MCU mode is the one for me (I am used to it so…)

Anyone successfully done mapping and care to share…?

Or… perhaps, letting me know which USB- mode is the best for my situation on Cubase 12 Pro?

Thank you so so much.
Done some researching and did not find one but for BCR2000…


Use the Mackie (MCU) mode, please.

Hello Martin!
I’ve been using it with MCU mode, and now I just Avid artist mix.
So, since midi remote control allows any midi device to work as custom midi controller.

I am just slightly confused about U-1, U-2, and U-3 modes…

Also I wonder, if possible, if I can switch from MCU mode to my custom midi remote mode without touching its power?

If any BCF2000 experts out there, it would be a big help! :slight_smile:

Yes, Martin, MCU mode is terrific! but I am just wanting to use it as custom map midi controller with its full capability :slight_smile:


If your BCF2000 is connected via USB to tht computer only and you don’t use the MIDI socket of the BCF2000 at all, it doesn’t matter witch U- mode do you use. This mode changes the MIDI sockets routing. If you connect also the MIDI 5-din, explain your connection and wanted behavior.

As it is written in the manual, yes, you can switch U- mode without switching power Off/On. The switch is via Edit button.

Aha! Thank you, yes yes, BCF2000 is connected only via USB-midi on Cubase 12 Pro, which means I can switch between my custom map mode ‘and’ MCU mode without turning on and off right…?

That would be handy!


No. You can switch between the U-modes without switching the device Off and On (what was your question). But you cannot switch the MC and the Custom mode this way. That’s something different. You have to switch the device Off and On to do so.

Aha! Thank you and sorry for my ignorance!
Totally got it :slight_smile:

Just last Q, the section of right side,
Store, Learn, Edit, Exit, Preset left and right, Transport buttons ← these cannot be custom mapped correct? :slight_smile:


It makes sense, these cannot be mapped, because these are some kind of system messages.

I would expect these are map-able.