Getting rid of rests in drums part

In this example I turned on colors to make the voices clear.

How to get rid of the blue quarter rest, the eight rest, and maybe turn the first half rest into red downstem voice?
I’m looking for an option: “hide rests when the rhythm is obvious shown in other voice”

Drums question.dorico (585.5 KB)

AFAIK, this isn’t possible yet. A drum kit is technically a sort of condensed group of instruments, and you don’t have much control over the condensing behaviour. But reportedly (I haven’t used it), there are already improvements for manipulating rests in drum kits in the new Dorico for iPad, so it’s probably safe to expect more possibilities in the next (desktop) version of Dorico as well. At least we know this issue is one of the priorities of the development team.

Thanks Pjotr, I can stop my search and we keep hoping for the future.