Getting rid of Spectra Layers 10 Data in a project and Panner window not working,

I seem to be having one battle after the other with Nuendo. Please stop adding things to it, just consolidate what you have. In the last couple of days I have managed to do about an hour of editing with about 8 hours of trying to make things work.

I have two issues.

  1. After foolishly installing Spectralayers 10 and then uninstalling this crap software which destroyed numerous projects I have been left with a legacy fingerprint of SL10 all over various projects. When I start a project it tells me that there is SL10 data but not supported so ignored. These are brand new projects in which SL 10 has NEVER been implemented in any way whatsoever. Until SL10 screwed up my computer it seemed quite good but I don’t trust this software or ARA, far too flaky. I’ll give it a year or two. The problem is that these projects have become unreliable, they suffer from serious crashes and sudden closing down all the time. I’ve tried removing everything I can think off that might have been tainted with SL10 but nothing works. What can I do about this?

2 Out of the blue I can no longer open my panning control windows. Before I would double click on the panning window and it would open to a bigger window. Now it doesn’t in any of my projects. Any ideas?