Getting sane part numbering with multiple (differing) transpostions.

It seems completely impossible to get Dorico to output ANY sort of sane number for group of players like the following - you either end up with multiple (different) “1st Trumpets” simulatenously or the 6th trumpet player ends up being “Trumpet in D 9”. There is absolutely established universal practice here - namely that’s it’s the player that’s numbered, not the horn - and it’s completely impossible to get Dorico to do it, there’s not even an escape hatch to just manually specify labels.

Trumpets -
1 in F, 2 in F & E, 3 in F, E, & C, 4-6 in D.

Really this needs to be a per-instrument setting, as for instance dorico classes the Eb clarinet as just a transposition and not a seperate piccolo clarinet, but it shouldn’t be numbered with the soprano clarinets.

Why not set the name, number, and transposition manually, and set automatic transposition to "never show’? That gives you full control over it.

Thanks for the feedback on this issue. I know from your previous posts on the topic, TylerE, that this is something you do not find satisfactory about Dorico’'s approach to instruments. We’ll look to add some options to support this in a future version.