Getting Scales quickly into an Instrument Track - No Pencil

  1. Make a Chord Track with a preset of C minor - 'Show Scales ’ - choose to load a C minor Scale
  2. Make an instrument Track with a Piano instrument
  3. Say I want to make a piano lead track …any buttons to press to throw the 7 C Minor scale notes into the instrument Track and bypass penciling them in?

    All I found now was to use Chord Pads to put all 7 C minor Chords into the instrument Track and then deleting the top voices and leave the bass notes … which will be the scale .

I realize that since all the Scale notes will be ‘Blue’ it’s pretty easy to make the scale in the lower zone

Just looking for something even faster …


No, you cannot hide the keys, which are out of the scale in Cubase. A workaround could be to use my DrumMaps Creator.