Getting Signal but Cant record, cant hear metronome.

Hey there,

I just got Cubase LE 9.5 , and a BEHRINGER UMC404HD Interface. Its connected Via USB, obvioulsy.
If i plug my guitar into the interface i get monitoring on my headphones, and i can also see signal in the program input mixing panels.
But if i press RECORD there is no Signal being Recorded, (even tho i can hear the monitoring) and i cant hear the CLICK or a COUNT IN. Even tho i activated the click and everything. its so weird, and iam getting pretty desperate…

It seems like the interface is not giving the signal to cubase correctly OR the Stereo/Mono In/Outputs are Selected wrong. even tho i get signal and iam sure i selected the right inputs.

Did anyone here have similar issues or knows what i could do ?
Thx a lot!

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