Getting sound but not recording

I’m asking for a bit of leniency on this board and give you a fair bit of warning: I’m very uneducated in pro recording.

I’m just now getting into Cubase 6, and I’ve got my guitar run through my rp500 pedal board, I’m getting guitar tones through my speakers, and have everything set up on my guitar track. But when I hit record, I can play what I want, hear the sounds I’m playing, but I see no sound waves (I’m sure this isn’t the correct term) on the recording track. I have the record button selected on the track I want, I’ve got monitor, and I’ve tried every other combination, but I’m not recording anything.

Has anyone else experienced this issue?

Did you turn off the monitor on playback?
What ASIO driver?

Select the correct input bus for the track you record