Getting Started in Cubase LE

I recently bought the UR 22 interface. I installed the Yamaha Steinberg USB driver and Cubase LE those 2 steps went smoothly.

I opened Cubase then went to Device Menu, followed by Device Setup, under the VST Audio System section I selected the
Yahmaha Steinberg USB ASIO. This step went smoothly as well.

I’m horrible at routing so my question is I’m recording a podcast with 2 people and I need to know how to set up my inputs and outputs so I can record each person on there own track and then be able to monitor them through headphones and or speakers?

Can anyone help me out here I would really appreciate it ??

Hi and welcome,

Devices > VST Connections > Input.

Add two Mono busses: Mono In and Mino In 2.

Add two Mono Audio track. Set the Input of Audio 01 to Mono In and the Input of Audio 02 to Mono In 2. Set output of both Audio tracks to Stereo Out.

Enable Monitor (orange speaker) on both Audio tracks. Done.