Getting Started/Played Duration of notes + General Question

I am still working thru the “Getting started” lesson on Walzer-Capricen (attached).
Question1 - I assume this was covered in the tutorial but I can’t find it. How do you make a region selection in the key editor or one of the editing windows (tempo, dynamics, etc)?? How do you turn a region “blue” with dots on the start and end points of the region?

Question 2
The tutorial (at this point “changing played duration”) revolves around “ending 2” of the Walzer-Capricen and it is hard to do playback from just before this region because a “repeat” kicks in, taking me back to the beginning of the piece. Is there a way to force playback from, say, bar 36 or 37 and AVOID ending 1, so I can hear the flow of the piece thru and beyond ending 2? Laest version of the practise piece attached.
Walzer-Capricen.dorico (1.4 MB)

With the Select tool active in the Key Editor toolbar (the button with the mouse pointer icon), click and hold in the Key Editor, then drag out a region.

This isn’t exactly covered in First Steps, because it wasn’t necessary to achieve the specific tasks covered in the guide. However, a Transform selection was included, and that works in much the same way in terms of the physical moves you make as a user with the mouse, just with a different Tool that allows you to do additional things.

See step 7 onwards:

Yes, you can exclude repeats from playback:

Lillie I am in the Tempo edit pane. When I click and drag in this pane I get a “blue” region but this region disappears when I let go of the mouse. Is there a way, for instance, to designate a “start-end” region in the tempo pane so I can drag the “dots” like the tutorial? And…now another problem. I have clicked onto the “notes” area in the key editor (with selection tool “on”) and when i drag, it is dragging the entire note area L>>R instead of highlighting. Can you help me solve this?

The blue region that appears when you drag with the Select tool active is a selection region: it will, when you release the mouse, select everything inside its boundaries. If there is nothing inside its boundaries, nothing will happen.

If you want to draw in tempo changes (like a gradual slow down), then you need to use the Line tool, as described here in the full manual:

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In the tutorial, the tempo change areas are in blue and dots are accessible. Does the line tool create regions like i saw in the tempo change tutorial?

Yes – why not try it and see?

Will do. I am saving all your guidance in OneNote so hopefully I don’t repeat too many questions.

Regarding the dragging the piano roll: try closing the Key Editor, then re-opening it.

It worked. I clicked on the mixer icon and then back and the notes pane started highlighting again. Thank-you!

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There is nothing wrong with experimenting (on a copy of the file, if necessary). A lot of times one will learn more and learn more quickly by trying things even than by asking questions and waiting for a response.

Not that you shouldn’t ask questions, of course.

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