"Getting Started" - Playing Back the Piece - Tempo problem

I have uploaded the current state of the practice piece “Waltzer-Capricen”. I am doing the Playback tutorial. In 11-12 there is a Rit—a Tempo and Dorico playback “obeyed” the tempo marking, slowing down and returning to the original tempo. However, In 16-17 there is a rit—a tempo and the tempo never returns to the original tempo. Any help on solving this problem would be appreciated. And…
Bonus question: Why is Dorico playing back so softly? I have the Piano fader set to 0 Db and "Preferences>>>Play
Walzer-Capricen.dorico (1.4 MB)

default Output set to 0DB. Same device (Babyface Pro) as my Reaper (Noire) piano. But I cannot get Dorico to even get to play much louder 1/2 the level of my Reaper (Noire) piano. Thoughts?

The output of the master fader in the Mixer is set to -6dB. You might consider bringing that up to 0dB as well. For future reference, the default output level setting on the Play page of Preferences is only used when you first create a new project, or when you apply (or re-apply) a playback template.

The problem with the a tempo at bar 17 is caused by the rit. and the a tempo overlapping. Delete the a tempo marking and you’ll see that the rit. extends into the next bar. Undo that deletion, then delete the rit., and to recreate it at the right length, select the final two eighth notes (quavers) in bar 16, type Shift+T to open the tempo popover, enter rit. in the popover, and hit Return.

OMG I never saw the master fader on the right. Thank-you. Going to work on the tempo issue next. Awesome help. Thank-you!

I played around with Shift-Alt on the rit because the dots stopped before bar 17 but judicious length adjustment did both solve the tempo issue and get the dots aligned to the next a tempo. The fix you suggested will surely help me in the future when the same overlap occurs. Thank-you so much!