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I am french and teacher in computer science. I begin in the development of VST. However I have not managed to find a well explained tutorial, as well as examples of simple codes (.pro project with Qt or Visual Studio project).

Thank you in advance for your help,
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Je suis français et enseignant en informatique. Je débute dans le développement de VST. Cependant je n’ai pas reussi a trouver de tutoriel bien expliqué, ainsi que des exemples de codes simples (projet .pro avec Qt ou projet Visual Studio).

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found this, but I do not understand, there is no .pro … How to do ???

J’ai trouvé ceci, cepenant je ne comprend pas, il n’y a pas de .pro… Comment faire ???
Lien :

You can follow the instructions in the VST3_SDK root level readme, to build the VST3_SDK examples using CMake

VST3 SDK examples are a lot better than they used to be, but still challenging at first.

Most people use a framework to build plug-ins such as:





JUCE the most popular and it’s a commercial product with lots of tutorials

The Audio Programmer youtube also has lots of JUCE tutorials:

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Thank you very much for your return, I will look at that.

I still have a question, since Juice is a commercial product, what is the best alternative in the proposed one? IPlug2?

Thank you in advance for your return.

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Merci beaucoup pour votre retour, je vais regarder cela.

J’ai encore une question, étant donnée que Juice est payant, quelle est la meilleur alternative dans celle proposé ? IPlug2 ?

Merci d’avance pour votre retour.

I am the author of Jamba which is an open source and 100% free light VST framework. One of the main goal being the ability to very quickly bootstrap a VST project (generate a fully buildable, testable, editable and deployable plugin with a simple command).

You can read more about the announcement here

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions…


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Thank you, I just tested IPlug2, I find the framework quite easy to use for the moment.

However, I do not really understand how to recover and display information like latency and the number of frames. There are many functions, GetLatency () and the integer nFrames, but even with a GetParam (nb) -> Set (nFrames), it does not work …

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Merci, je viens de tester IPlug2, je trouve le framework assez simple d’utilisation pour le moment.

Cependant je ne comprends pas trop comment récupérer et afficher des informations comme la latence et le nombre de frames. Il y a bien des fonctions, GetLatency() et l’entier nFrames, cependant même avec un GetParam(nb)->Set(nFrames), cela ne fonctionne pas…

iPlug2 is work in progress, but nearing production ready

Initial plugin latency is set in samples in config.h. The nFrames argument to ProcessBlock() tells you how many samples in that block.

The Slack is the best place to ask

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Thank you very much olilarkin, hell I would like to know if it is possible with Iplug to recover all the latencies of the tracks on which a plugin is put in order to realize a latency compensation on the fastest tracks by taking the latency the most long.
Thank you in advance for your return.

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Merci beaucoup olilarkin, enfaite j’aimerai savoir s’il est possible avec Iplug de récupérer l’ensemble des latences des pistes sur lesquels un plugin est mit afin de réalisé une compensation de latence sur les pistes les plus rapides en prenant la latence la plus longue.
Merci d’avance pour votre retour.