Getting started

I did a lot of reading and video watching videos and thought Dorico would be great. I’ve used Finale since its inception. BUT - I down loaded Dorico SE and absolutely could not get it to work. And after downloading it, the audio for Finale was messed up as well. I really wanted Dorico for several reasons, but just no go.

Welcome to the forum, morbius12. I’m sorry to hear you have had problems getting Dorico SE up and running.

The audio problems you’ve experienced will almost certainly be due to some settings in the Generic Lower-latency ASIO Device Driver: try running Dorico SE, choosing Edit > Device Setup, then click the ‘Device Control Panel’ button, and in the GLLAD control panel that opens up, switch off the button at the top of the panel concerning exclusive access to the audio device. This should allow other applications, like Finale, to use the sound hardware while Dorico is running.

For further help with audio troubleshooting, please watch this video, which covers all of the common problems we have seen people run into.