Getting Started


I need to build a very simple VST3 plug-in that:

  1. Gets “midi tick position” updates and
  2. Sends midi events to the host.

I’ve downloaded the SDK and can build: VST_SDK\VST3_SDK\build\vstsdk.sln in Visual Studio 2015, so the install is good.

I’ve looked for a simple ‘Hello World’ type of tutorial, but haven’t found any, so I looked at the examples in the vstsdk.sln.

The problem is…that solution has way more than the bare-essentials in it, and I’m finding it hard to extract the bare-essentials from that solution to make a bare-bones project that simply does the 2 things I stated above.

Is there a simple bare-bones project in the SDK, or tutorial, that I haven’t found?

Do you have any recommendations on “Getting Started”?