Getting tempted - real life expierence with multi i/o ?

Hey guys,
I’m getting more and more tempted by the idea of taking my productions everywhere, and Cubasis would be a perfect choice since I’m already a Steinberg user.
My current dilemma is that my facility requires a 48 i/o interface to use with my console. I understand that there is currently a 24 i/o limitation, but I’m assuming this specification will improve with time.
With the announcement of the iPad Pro, I think this is something I could get my feet wet with.
Is there a current list of 24 i/o interfaces that work with the iPad that I could get started with?

We’ve successfully tested Steinberg’s UR824 (8 I/O are supported in CC mode) and RME’s Fireface UFX (22 I/O) with Cubasis.