Getting the plug ins sound to export into track...

PLEASE help! Im using a 303 plug in and I cant work out how to get the sound the 303 is making recorded into the track. I’ve been been told to go to File>Export>Audio Mixdown but when I do it puts the drums in Groove Agent that im using in again and NOT the noise the 303 plug in was making - ???

Did you check the right output channel on the export dialog?

You want to also check import back into project and add to pool…something like that.

Thanks fizbin:
What should i have checked? Ive tried every available and its still putting the Groove Agent drums in and not the 303…
What SHOULD i have ticked in the ‘Export Audio Mixdown’ ‘Channel Selection’ box?..
There is a ‘Channel Batch Export’ checkbox at the top and:
*Output channels checkbox with
*Stereo out checkbox
*VST instrument channels checkboxwith
*GAOne 1 checkbox &
*ABL2 (audio realism 303 plug in) checkbox
underneath it.
I think Ive tried every combination with no success yet. I must be doing something wrong and its doing my head in!1

just check stereo out don`t bother with batch. then import back into project ,but before that solo the instrument you want to re import and make sure the locators are set to the length of your track

Note that the difference will be that firestamper’s method will apply the sends (and inserts), unless you specifically disable them. Exporting the specific channel would only apply the inserts.

Not sure why it’s behaving the way you describe though.

Even with me just checking ‘stereo’ the 303 noise isnt going into the track, the GrooveAgent are instead… Im going to have to sleep on this and try in a different project tomorrow…

don`t want to sound dumb ,but what is a 303 plugin?

Emulation of a 303