Getting the VST Connect SE to open in a song?

To open this feature the tutorial says to open up the template for it. However if you are working on a song and then want to open this feature so you can have someone record a vocal track your already in, how do you open the VST Connect SE for the song you have open?

I looked in the manual index under VST Connect SE and it is not there. Does anyone know where they discuss this feature in the manual.

The same way you open any other plugin…

Certainly in the VSt connect SE maual that is for download from the Steinber page.

Where do you open this plug in, on track one of a song?

The manual explains, as well as the tutorial vids.

It simple answer would save me some time.

I will look for the separate manual on Steinbergs web site. Could not find it on the web site but a google search got me the manual. Downloading it now.

I assume my friend who has Cubase Artist 7 would just download the VST connect software and not open up Cubase. The with the VST Connect software he would activate his Focusrite box in the software?