(Getting there!) Trouble inserting Text Pages between Flows

Hello! O.K. So I’ve managed to split my flows and organize them. I’m working within the Piano part. (The full score has the contents of a play-a-long, but only the piano part will be made public.) I’d like to insert pages to the piano layout (text stuff like table of contents, commentary, etc.)
I understand how to do this to the full score, but Is there a way to do this directly to the piano part?

Yes, absolutely - just the same as the full score layout, it’s just that by default the parts use a different master page set (so e.g. if you set up a custom master page for the full score, you either need to import it into the part set or recreate it).

You can insert blank pages and edit them however you like (such as inserting text frames), but just note they’ll only exist in that one layout. For this, that sounds like that might well be fine. You can also create a few custom master pages (e.g. “title page”, “table of contents” as separate pages) - this is particularly useful for projects with multiple parts or where you might want to reorder pages (reordering pages that are only ‘local changes’, which we call “master page overrides”, is a bit tricker than re-applying a master page template to a different page - if the formatting is in a master page, it’s “saved” essentially and you can assign it to any page at any time).