Getting this error when I update plugin information...

When I manually add a new plugin location to Cubase 6.5 64bit in Win 8.1 I get the attached error message, that appears to be related to VSTBridge.

I have only just made the switch to Win 8.1 from Win 7, and never experienced this error until now.

Any help is appreciated.

I had the same problem recently and contacted tech support. Here’s the response:


The most likely issue that a third party plugin is causing the problem. Personally, I do not use the Update option because it does not show what is being initialized as well as the opening splash screen.

To add a third party plugin go to Devices, Plugin Information, VST 2.x Plugin Paths. Add the specific folder path of your plugin (not the entire C drive, as that will cause a crash), then shut down and restart Cubase. Cubase will then rescan for any plugin it can load. Thank you."

Im currently on Win7x64 C6.5.5 and i havent experienced any problems regardless of the error message. I am also running some free 32bit vst’s and they’re running smoothly.

You can also check out JBridge if you prefer using a different bridging method but i dont know how up to date they are.

Hope this helps.

Cheers for the reply. I’ll add the folders and do a full restart from now on. :slight_smile:

It’s weird, because I only have the 64bit versions of plugins installed, so no 32bit plugins that would require a wrapper.