Getting values from Cubase displayed on midi-remote device display

Dear Forum members,

I am building a hardware „channel strip“ midi controller based on either the arduino or MIDIbox platform to be able to control plugins like „SSL E“ or „Console 1“.

I would love to use some (SSD 1306 based) OLED displays to show the plugin´s parameter names and values which are controlled. So for example I have a rotary encoder assigned to the LoFreq pot of an SSL eq (I do this using the midi remote: selected track/Insert&strip fx/inserts viewer/parameter, then do rest of the mapping in the remote control editor).

Now how do I make Cubase send that information to the according display and what else has to be considered within this communication?

Is there an example script for this use case, and if not, could you push me into the right direction to get this solved?

For better understanding this is a quick example sketch in lemur of how this part of the controller will look like:

I really appreciate your help, especially because I am toying around since weeks to get a solution.
So thanks in advance, Emre