Getting voices to share a stem?

How can I replicate this notation, without lots of manually futzing around in engrave mode?

Half note in upstem voice 1, quarter notes in upstem voice 2. Then set voice column indexes to 0.

You did say “without lots of manual futzing,” and this is your best method, I think. And not too difficult.

This is Engrave mode, but it’s not terribly much “futzing around”.

Yes, that’s what I’ve been doing, but it’s more futzing than I’d like because I have to switch to engrave mode (and totally lose context in my score, since I work in galley view), set the column index, set end voice so as not to get extra rests…

If we could just set voice index in write mode that would relieve a lot pain.

Do the oh-so-wonderful performance of D3 just the switch to engrave mode takes several seconds. (and that is on a subscore with just the strings…)

If you have a whole passage that demands this, then select the whole passage, Filter Notes, then switch into Engrave mode and set all the Voice Column Indexes to 1 simultaneously. While you’re at it, go Edit > Propagate Properties so you don’t later need to redo the work in a part layout.