Getting VSTi's to activate in Cubase LE4

I downloaded lots of VSTs that I believe are VSTi or ambient instruments for pads, textures and such. I did not download any effects like chorus or reverb. So far, my Cubase LE4 does indeed recognize them as valid and active plug-ins. But they appear nowhere when I try loading instrument tracks vs audio in tracks.

I haven’t hooked up my microKorg or Akai Miniak as MIDI controllers yet since my midi cable to usb hasn’t arrived yet.

Have you any wise tips for my activating these VSTi’s so they actually appear on screen with all their knobs, dials and such as they appear on the download page descriptions?

I am totally lost here. Thanks!!

You make speak to me as a moron, as that is exactly how I feel thus far.

You didn’t list your system specs but I know for a windows machine if you don’t have CB and the standalone versions of all VSTI’s set to “Run as Administrator” you might get this issue. To check this you need to right click on each programs icon and go to >properties>compatibility>privilege level. Check the box “Run this program as an administrator”.

You might even have to go further and click the “Change settings for all users” and click the “Run as admin…” there too.

Good luck.

Regards :sunglasses: