Getting whole flow on same page

Hi all-- can someone point me to the right setting to get the hymn shown both on the left and the right to fit completely into the frame on the left? I’m trying to make a mass booklet right within Dorico. As a result, I’m trying to move one flow onto a page that it wouldn’t occur normally. Clearly there is plllllenty of space for the last 2 measures but I can’t get them to appear. I’m having a brain fart moment.

Stick a frame break at the beginning of bar 1.
Select the purple frame break signpost that appears.
In the bottom panel, still in Engrave mode, tick the “wait for next frame break” option.

Or click the first note of bar 1 and Ctrl/Cmd-click the last note of the hymn, and click the Make Into Frame button in the left panel of Engrave mode.

You may find that in order to make it fit in a satisfactory fashion you need to decrease the staff size. Once you’ve got a Frame Break that you can select, you can also adjust the staff size of just this one flow, in the bottom panel in Engrave mode.

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That’s the Catholic in me capitalizing God’s proper attributes and other extensions of His godhead. I’m big on He, Him, Your, etc. too. :slight_smile:

I’ll try option 1. The funny thing is there is plenty of room for it. I even tried raising the top part of the frame into the other things on the page so that it overlapped the other music there and it still wouldn’t pop those last two measures on even though it was 75% of the page and there is gobs of white space at the bottom. Funny thing.

#1 worked like a charm. New trick learned! Thanks!

Off topic, but I’ve never seen stanza numbers at the beginning of each system. Is that your standard practice? Seems unconventional to me.

Depends on the hymnal. Some do, some don’t, others only do when there are 6-8 verses.

(I should also mention I am doing this for a special mass at a primary school and while my personal preference is to not have them on every line unless there are a plethora of verses, I think it will help the kids. This is one of the things I hope can be fixed as well… that it’s not a global setting. Also, I’d love a way to regularize where the numbers are aligned on all staves after the first line so that they align neatly and aren’t all over the place like they are now.)

As a tangent, I think the alignment of these verse numbers looks horrible. I don’t think there’s a way to fix this short of nudging things around by hand.

You can’t move those verse numbers manually, I don’t think.

Did you try selecting those three first syllables and setting alignment to Left in the properties panel? I use it all the time, but haven’t used it in conjunction with verse numbers.

Also, you can turn on “display verse number” independently per line, also in the properties panel. You probably already know that.

Dan, I just discovered your second tip about 48 hours ago. That’s terribly handy when you want them everywhere with a few exceptions.

Daniel, in this case, I know at least one of the staves has numbers way to the left because I’ve squeezed a tiny bit too much onto that particular line. The others are not maxed out, however, and still give different results.

You’ll both note that in the photo of the hymnal I provided, syllables are centered and the verse numbers aligned. It looks like the whole column of numbers is shifted to allow for the widest syllable. Or rather, it appears that the numbers are offset from the bar line on the left of each system and then the first note of each line is shifted to allow proper room for the widest syllable. (“dressed” in the hymn on the right shifts the whole column just a touch relative to the other staves.)