"Ghost" channels in the mixer

Hii everybody,
I’ve searched in the forum before wiriting and I found a post with a similar title but not exactly the same question: I’ve found two tracks in the mixer that don’t correspond to anything in my project - I have track visibility agent set on see all tracks and visibility synced in mixer and project -but I can’t find a way to eliminate them; the appear to be fx channel as they have the purple cursor but nothing is routed to them, as you can see in the picture…

Any idea?
Thank you,

Since (for reasons unknown) we can only delete Tracks and Channels in the Project Window & not the MixConsole we need to make those FX Channels visible in the Project Window. The easiest way to do that is to toggle the Channel’s Automation Write & Read on and then off. This will make them available in the Project Window - you may need to check in Folders & Visibility to actually find it. Now you can just Select and Delete it like normal.

HI Raino,
thank you very much!
The tracks, for the truth, were Rewire tracks but I confused with colours as there a little difference, but your workaround was ok! :+1: