Ghost chord notes

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here a question on multiple ghost notes. The arrangement shows a bass line with single adjacent notes , which is intended to be played. How to avoid the issue here with audible multiple notes (3. and 4. note).

BTW: If you move the clip to another position the multiple notes are not to be heard anymore. It seems that there is some midi notes being fed to trillian, that are not visible…


CTM yes thats odd for sure, I have a few questions, 1)are you using a chord track at all, and if you are does it extend to the section of the project that you move your bass part to?
2) if you go up to your visibility agent at the top and select “show all tracks” do any extra tracks show up that currently are hidden
3) those tracks you have there, what if you mute and/or disable them, does the same thing happen?

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After moving the MIDI Part what happens if you replay the same section again? Without the Part there does the unwanted note still play?

Some potential sources I can think of for unwanted MIDI data

  • Another Track routing it’s MIDI there
  • Misconfigured Keyswitches/Expression Maps
  • The Chord Track (unlikely because that would generate lots of Notes)
  • Some plugs have additional MIDI inputs that can appear as destinations in Cubase
  • MIDI Inserts on the Track
  • Since the Track is a (D)uplicate maybe the sound is from the original
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Could you please tell me:

  • When you move that event out of that, does that weird ghost note still sound at that position? Although there is no event on it?
  • Is the issue gone after you close and re-open the project?

I face the similar strange issue, but my case is a “ghost” audio event. The track still has sound even when I deleted everything. I still can not describe step by step because it just happens randomly while I am working.
By the way I have to say I am sorry @raino, the last conversation I don’t think I was kind. Don’t know if you remember or not, but please don’t mind.
Thank you.

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no sound on that original spot once moved away!
Will check other options that you mentioned.
Strange behavior, it only occurs if you play from start of clip. If you start playback on second note everything is fine…


Here´s the project, no Audio Files of course, which are not part of the issue…
Multi_Trillian.cpr (1.8 MB)