Ghost Copies - Naming

If you make multiple ghost copies of different midi clips, how can you differentiate between them.
I only see the slashes at the top right corner. Is there a way to rename the clips at least, to be able to tell the difference.

If you rename a ghost copy, does it rename all of them?


Yes all of them will change names. This reflects that they are all actually one single MIDI Part. Any change you make to one of them (e.g. editing midi data, renaming, etc.) will occur in all of them. So there is no need to differentiate between them since they will always be exactly the same. FYI, they are called shared copies, not ghost.

Thanks a lot. Whats the main way to rename them?
If I double-click the midi object I can rename it at the top somewhere?

Yes, on the left side of the Info Line is a field for the name. You can select the part (single click, double will open an editor) and change it there. If you aren’t seeing the Info Line, click the Setup Window Layout button to make it visible.

You can also change the Shared Copies to Real Copies
Edit>Functions>Convert to Real Copy
Then you can name them differently and edit them independent of each other.

Also a bit more jargon. The thing you are referring to is called a Part not object & the midi data inside a Part are Events.

appreciate the help, thanks a lot!