"Ghost File" Issue

This one’s crazy… and making me rebuild a huge project from the bare bones.

Editing an audiobook. 30 hours or so of mono narration, which I’m pre-treating with various plugins as a batch offline process, and after completion of the batch, bouncing (to replace) the files in the project and renaming appropriately, then removing bath processed originals (trashing) from the pool.

From time to time I make a backup of the project, just to make sure there are not stray files kicking around the audio folder.

Suddenly… on this project, it’s not working. There’s a handful of edit files, no longer associated with the project, that remain somehow linked to it. Nothing shows up in the pool or in the history, but where I typically could throw the edit folder out and start the history over again from scratch, when I remove the folder now, upon restart I get a dialog asking for the missing files. No option to disassociate them from the project, and they do not have any relationship to any files presently in the project.

I don’t know if this is a new N6 issue, or if I’ve just been lucky and am finally experiencing my first truly corrupted project, but felt compelled to announce it here. Maddening!

May it not happen to you; if it has, and you found a way to deal with it, I’m all ears.


Ok… I figured it out… and it’s still weird and troubling.

Somehow, one of my offline batches got messed up, and although the files looked and sounded ok in the project window, and showed up as unique bounced files in the pool, they were still associated with the batch processes-- the bouncing did NOT make new, clean files. So even though the files looked and acted and were named like brand new, fresh, bounced-to-disk files, they were still dependent on the files in the edit folder.

To complicate the issue, one of the edit files (just one of about 7) was corrupted, making it impossible to back the session up (file can not be copied message).

So… I removed the “false bounced” file that was associated with the corrupted one in the edit folder, and bounced the rest of the offending batch, and voilà, the edit folder magically emptied.

As soon as I re-process the one bad file from the batch I’ll be fully back in business.

BUT-- Steinberg! I think Nuendo ought to be smarter than this! If a file is not fully functional, or a batch is interrupted, the program should know, bring the original bounce back to square one, and send me an alert! Lost hours on this…


Hi Chewy,

I’m sorry for the inconvenience. We know about a problem with broken links to audio offline edits. This will be fixed in Nuendo 6.0.3. (R-5354)

Best regards,

Thanks for the response! Very much appreciated.


30 hours of mono narration … such things I would do in Wlab, not in Nuendo (IMHO).

Feel free!

Nuendo works great for me; Wavelab would not be right for the job here, for any number of reasons, the one stated being primary.