ghost midi part display

hi all,
is it possible to display other midi data in one midi part ?
i.e. i open the sylenth synth bass part in the midi editor & I can also see the pro 53 synth bass there too…
how can I do this please?
sorry if this has been asked but i cant seem to locate this information in the manual?
In Fl studio they call this feature ghost channel …
Can this be done in Cub 6?
thank you guys.

You have to enable Link Editors in Prefs then Shift-click to select both parts then double-click one to open them both in one Key Editor.

thank you mashedmitten, thats great. :wink:

Transparent Events just makes the part of an event that shows the wav image colorless so you can see the grid underneath it.

thank you :wink: … yes I did edit the question out of last post… many thanks for your time bro !!