Ghost noteheads

Hi all.

I’m working on an arrangement of a Stevie Wonder tune (Isn’t She Lovely) and I want to add some ghosted notes into the vocal part. Since ghosted notes are normally notated with the notehead itself in parenthesis and that isn’t an option in dorico, I went into the notehead editor to make a notehead set fo it. Well after making the set, it sets ALL noteheads to be used with that notehead set. Is there any way I can make this just so I can use it for individual noteheads or do I need to notate ghosted notes as crosses? Thank you.

can you not select the individual notes and then from the context menu choose >Notehead>(your set)?

What I tried to do was just make a new notehead set all together so I could keep them separated and use it when necessary. I found a workaround and just made the oversized notehead smaller and put parenthesis around it (I never use larger noteheads, just the default) and am using that but I saw in another thread that making it a separate set is possible. I just don’t know how to do it and can’t figure it out. Even when it was made as a new set it changed every single notehead on my sheet into the one with parenthesis.

Did you have a look at this video, saxophoni?
(from 1:30 onwards)
It is critical to create a New Notehead set and not modify your existing one, obviously. I have not tried this myself though :wink: