Guys, I’ve done something wrong while starting my last project, and obviously I don’t know what; but there’s an additional Project Folder which keeps being created outside my Project Folder, with the same name, but with an additional letter ‘S’ at the end [I’ll call it the ‘S’ Folder]. Now this ‘S’ Folder contains nothing but an Images Folder.

I’ve shifted this folder into my project folder, and deleted this ‘S’ folder. Well it still gets recreated every time I reopen my project [from my folder], or perhaps as soon as I record or program something new in it. Pops up like a ghost.

Also, when I tried mixing down this song into a folder which I created for the purpose in my project folder [I always create a folder for this purpose in every Project Folder of mine, and call it 'M&M for ‘Mixes and Masters’, and it has always worked fine until now], it refused to do say, asking me to ‘please specify a valid path’.

Does anyone have a clue as to what’s happening here? How can I get rid of this problem and specify my project folder as the ‘valid path’, have all Images created saved in the Images Folder which is therein, and be able to mix down my track into my M&M folder here?

I thank you very much in advance, and I’ll thank you again after you solve my problem!


Hi and welcome,

Could you provide exact example, please? So, you have “Cubase Projects” parent folder. Then there are subfolders with your projects, you define yourself. Lets say you created project “A.cpr”, and you put it to the folder “A”. Does it mean, you have sub-folders “A” and “AS” in the Cubase Projects folder?