"Ghost recordings"

Hi, I’m having an issue with cubase Pro 10.5. I am recording guitars at the moment, and I came across a strange issue I cant seem to figure out! I am using the Will Putney STL tonality plugin for my effects and am recording DI guitars. I recorded a few takes for my Chorus part, well I deleted all of the takes and even erased unused audio files from the pool window and I am still getting a sort of "invisible " track playing when I start a punch in point! Its driving me nuts! Hopefully someone has had this problem and knows what to do about it? Or maybe guide me in the right direction? Thanks in advance!


What is the Monitor button state (On/Off), please? Can you hear it even if your disable the plug-in? Do you use the Punch In function, or do you mean just while you start recording? Can you hear it even while playback?

What happens if you save the project, close it and reopen?

The problem is resolved! I have a marker track on top of my project for each part of the song ( verse, chorus, etc…) Well, somehow the tracks got there and were hidden from view. Amazing what you can miss !