Ghost techniques


While trying to understand why the technique change behavior is so random, I discovered that I have “ghost” techniques that I can see in Play mode, but not in Write mode.

The music has been recorded via MIDI. I didn’t do anything else than trying with the various techniques attached to the notes. So, I can’t understand from where the techniques see in Play mode come from.

Any idea? And, is there a way to clean them up manually?


Something I tried: cut the music, and pasted it again at the same place.

Now, instead of ghost ‘Natural’ techniques, I have ghost ‘ff’ techniques in the same position.

This ‘ff’ technique has been inserted a a couple bars earlier. I have add a ‘Natural’ technique at the end of the bar to try to neutralize it, but it is still there. And the new ‘Natural’ technique, with no note attached, is not shown in Play mode.

At the same time, the techniques I added at the beginning of the following bar are not shown.


Ok, maybe the ghost techniques happen when I insert a Legato in the score. Since this library has a particular way of invoking legato (as dedicated Solo Instruments), this falls back to Natural.

Then, I think Natural is also inserted when there are custom playback playing techniques and playing techniques that Dorico can’t manage, even if they are defined in all steps. I can’t find a pattern in how this happens.


Something else I noticed: when exporting from Dorico to MIDI, and opening the resulting midi file in Logic, I see the selection keyswitches corresponding to Dorico’s techniques are not short notes, but endless notes included in different tracks.

Maybe the endless length of these control notes are confusing the virtual instrument (and, considering the ghost techniques I found, Dorico itself).

Also, I can’t see any data corresponding to the CC4 I have inserted with a custom playing technique.


Have you defined these techniques as Direction or as Attributes?

They are all Directions, since they mark the beginning of a technique that should be applied until a different one is encountered. I guess they should be of this type.