"Ghost" waveforms available in FX and Group Tracks for Editing

Request that any audio ghost waveform can be pasted into the automation lane of a Group or FX track, to help with detailed automation changes.

Sometimes I find myself in a Group or FX track editing volume of an vocal track that feeds it. The way things are now I believe is that I have to place the cursor at each point in the audio track I want to make volume changes, then select the Group or FX track and make changes at that location.

It’d be much nicer if that “ghost” waveform that appears in the automation lane of the audio track could also be made to appear in the Group or FX track!

Thanks -

[EDIT: Title changed for clarity]

I’d rephrase the topic title, because right now it sounds like you want to paste the actual waveform as automation.

Maybe “Ghost waveforms for group and FX tracks”

Great idea, thx, done!

+1 would be nice