Ghostly Midi routing EWSOQL/Opus

Hi Everyone - hoping you can help with a midi routing challenge I’m having. Using EWSOQL Gold with Opus 1.3.9. Smaller ensembles seem to route correctly (eg: String Quartet), but when I load a large Concert Orchestra, things get funky.

Let’s say in my VST instruments, I have Opus 11-12 set up for “Strings”. In the track inspector, I have V1 on Port 1, Channel 1, V2, Port 1, Channel 2, VA, Port 1, Channel 3 VC, Port 1, Channel 4…etc. When I open Opus, sure enough, I have my midi channels mapped correctly. V1:C1, V2:C2, etc) .

However, during playback, only one instrument is controlling all instruments in the section. Thus, if I mute the one controlling (VC in this case), none of the other instruments in the section play. However, in the Opus console, I can see signal going to the other instruments - which are on different channels.

It’s truly strange. And it’s happening in both Dorico 4 and 5.

Any ideas?


One thing to check… are they all in the same instance of opus or play, and still going to the same AUDIO output? Master 1/2 by default? That seems potentially like what you are describing.

Genius - thank you - that seemed to be it. Still rather confusing - the output bus in Opus doesn’t make it clear how that works (at least for me).