Giant Time lag when Moving VST Presets using MEdiabay


When I move several VST Presets using the Mediabay, by Drag and Drop, into a Folder that I created
The Mediabay almost freezes … for one minute or two I cannot use Cubase anymore

In the Finder the presets are moved instantly …
This bug is just inside the Mediabay (to refresh itself) …

Please try to correct this asap
because I am using this method everyday to organise my banks



Im trying to organise my VST3 Presets collection, so
Im using the Mediabay’s CREATE FOLDER option to create many folders
such as PADS, LEADS, KEYS …

I use the CONVERT TO VST PRESETS option to
collect the Preset Bank of the desired plugin.

But, by default, the Presets go to the Root Folder of this plugin, right ?

… so NOW
I would like to MOVE the presets inside their respective folders :
(Pads into PADS Folder, Leads into LEADS Folder) … :ugeek:

So I Use the Mediabay to Drag and Drop many Presets in one go …
It’s working … (Im choosing the MOVE option when Mediabay asks) …

But then, unfortunately, It takes Hours for this move to be validated
by Mediabay … why ??

Most often, I experience a freeze in Cubase during the move process,
and/or I get this dialog box (see attachment)

on the hard drive itself, the presets are moved instantly
BUT the Mediabay takes Hours to update itself !!
(Which is crazy !) :blush:

(all my drives are SSDs)
Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 04.28.55.jpg

7 minutes to move 194 Presets from 1 folder to another
LOL !!
Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 04.28.55.jpg


Am I the only one willing to organise my VST3 Presets using folders ??

I don’t know if its a mac thing, but mediabay is just incredibly slow all round. As in almost uselessly slow.

If you move folders around in the sidebar, the folder is physically moved, but mediabay doesn’t update and show it - you have to close and reopen it to get it to update.

It takes 30 seconds or so for the presets to all show on a plugin. You close and re-open it, and you have to go through the wait all over again! Crazy.

I see Steinberg videos - such as the one showing the new collection logo’s in 8.5, and its really quick. Not for me - takes ages to scan and show items. And again, the next time you go to them, it hasn’t remembered a damn thing - you have to go through it scanning again!

Yes Vinylizor,
Same thing for me ( and all my drives are SSD)

As you said :
" Uselessly Slow " is a good summary !

I really Hope Steinberg wil change the Mediabay in the next update.

Because It would be the perfect way to organise my workflow (to sort and find
all my sounds, presets, etc … )

But right now I have to use Ableton rewired, just for its super fast browser !!!

But I cant use it !