Gigantic wav files

Checking to see if anyone else is experiencing cubase 8 pro writing huge files. Occasionally, during export, cubase 8 will write an ~900gig file on my system, crashing it obviously. The problem seems to occur when I delete/clear files from the audio folder outside of cubase. The problem does not occur right away but a few exports later my iMac will complain that it is low on memory. I have the workaround which is to delete the file and then empty the recycle bin but it did take me a few support calls to Apple to figure out the root cause. This is a brand new iMac with only cubase loaded, so I think that rules out the iMac as the problem.

Haven’t seen it yet in 8.0.5, but in 8.0.0 I had a mem leak that would act up after letting the machine idle for a while. Could be the same issue here too, however, the removal of files from outside the program sounds iffy too…

Does it also happen if you just remove the files from inside Cubase? Seems better practice anyway (Audio Pool > Remove unused files > Empty trash).

automatic hitpoint detection makes huge files.
Is it disabled in preferences ?

There are a couple of steps that seem to trigger it. First deleting the files outside of cubase, then deleting the files in the project editor. I don’t see my files in my directory being deleted when I clean them from the pool. It seems the files are still in the audio directory when viewed from outside cubase, so I occasionally circle back to clean them out. Unless I’m doing something wrong. Anyway, it’s not really writing a 1 terabyte file, because the file write completes with the export however long the export takes - about 2 minutes. so I suspect the end of file marker is corrupt or missing. It’s just bad programming really. That shouldn’t happen no matter what the user on the system is doing. If it annoys me enough I will spend some time figuring out exactly why it is misbehaving. I am not doing anything with hit points at the moment.

I’ve narrowed this down some more. The essential step is to select the project and export the wav file as you normally would with any project. The difference here is that you have to move the right-most selection marker to the left a bit, doesn’t matter how much, just enough to create a smaller wav file with the same name. So if you exported a file that was 2 minutes and 10 seconds, on the second try, the file should be 2 minutes and 2 seconds for example but the wav file name needs to be the same. It will prompt for over-write. Let it over-write the file. The issue is with the end of file marker which is not set correctly. It’s definitely a bug. NOTE TO STEINBERG PROGRAMMERS: put the end of file marker or close file line of code in a try/finally block please! Buggy code!