Gigantik [electro synth]

I had an image of a comicstrip I had about more then 20 years ago.
It’s about a spaceship in the form of a planet
I couldn’t remember it’s name but last week after browsing a lot I found it!!
I got inspired and came up with this piece:

Synths: Korg legacy Analogue edition + Retrologue+ Prologue
Drums: Samples through Groove agent.

Hope someone likes it.

Hi, I reckon the intro is overlong…from around 1.31 it gets really interesting…really good feel goin on, may I ask why you stayed in the same place with the main synth structure, ( the bass line I suppose ) I was waiting for it to move into a nice chord structure…I reckon there is a good song in there…cheers, Kevin

It’s an in between piece.
In my mind it’s the arrival of a big object, the absence of progressions is the way of storytelling in this case.
When it’s finished I will post the whole thing, but it will be over 50 minutes long and I am just starting.

I like it. I feel mainly the snare could use a lot more oomph.
The rest sounds fine though, got my synth-fix for today :sunglasses:

hey dylan, I like how it gets goin, a great start to something big as you say. brings back memories of those days I had everything midi’d together and runnin. I could sit for hours tweaking arps and the 909 on the fly and not care about a thing. I miss those days when nothing else mattered except for that moment when something clicked as it was all happenin and spins your head, lol. some nice arp interplay in there.
fun stuff dude

Oh…I look forward to hearing it…the prospect of producing a piece 50 minutes long would give me nightmares, I admire your spirit…Kevin

Will be my third, you can find them on my soundcloud page.
Area 110 and science sex and mistery.

regards Dylan.

:smiley: Yes the oldskool midi things, that is what I was after! First 4 bars only kick, then add Hihat, then add snare.
Didn’t know you had that sort of stuff when you were younger.

Greetz Dylan.

Pretty damn good actually. For me the intro wasn’t too long at all, I wasn’t bored. Excellent work, although perhaps a bit dated (solid 80’s synth stuff) :sunglasses:

Yeah…your right, in the context of a 50 minute piece the intro is not to long…my mistake, Kevin