gigaport hd, channels 3-8 labelled "inactive"

hi all –

i have a gigport hd installed on my machine, and am trying to send individual sound files to 6 individual speakers. for the life of me, i have searched high and low looking for a workaround. attached is a screenshot of the issue i am having.

under devices>device setup, under vst audio system>asio2.0 - esi gigaporthd, i have channels 1-2 active, but all others as inactive. anyone have any thoughts to resolve this issue?? i just need to get 3-6 active to complete my project. all files are 16/44.1, in the gigaport control panel, all 8 channels are active, sample rate set to 8ch, and buffer number set to 8, and in windows control panel (i only have 4 monitors set up right now) but i can send test sounds to channels 1, 2, 3, and 4 with no problems. just not in cubase.

can anyone give me a hand?? thanks.


ok, i managed to get my other outputs active, but now in vst connections, i have “set 'stereo out” as main mix" checked with no other options. i think as soon as i can get that switched up, i will have everything working as i need!!

so, any thoughts on how to change the stereo out to multi channel out??

Well, obviously you need to create a multi channel output bus, connect the appropriate device ports and then set this one to “Main mix”, therfore you probably need to RTFM, as the general procedure is explained there…