Gigastudio Samples

i purchased Halion 5 because i have many Gigastudio samples (a defunct Tascam instrument) can anyone tell me if Halion 6 will load these samples in the same way?


If hal5 did it, im sure hal6 does it … Maybe even better than hal5:p

But, if you want to be super safe, upload a small sample lib and i can test it…

thank you GGC! i am having trouble uploading a sample. i picked a small one (1.3mb) it is called

AO mal xylophone.gig

i noticed that in the upload area it says only jpg gif and png are allowed. i tried renaming the file with jpg at the end instead of gig but i got this message:

It was not possible to determine the dimensions of the image. Please verify that the URL you entered is correct.

any suggestions?

Get a free dropbox account?


right! forgot about that. here’s the link where you can get it:

thanks again!

hey bud=)

works like a charm =) - (a charm that actually works :stuck_out_tongue:)

I could drag n drop it right onto halion 6…

sounds nice too btw…lol=)

thank you for doing this! yeah, the gigastudio samples sound wonderful. i am sure there are great current libraries out there but i have all of these samples and want to use them.



yeah, old but gold comes to mind :stuck_out_tongue:

peace back at cha:P