Gipsy Dancer

Gipsy Dancer

let me know what you guys think…

I DIG that! Nice compositional chops. The only mix thing I might have done different would have been to make the bass MASSIVE when it comes in :sunglasses:

Nice composition, lacks the finishing though.

It sounds (and probably is offcourse) like a midi file.

What I mean is that it’s static, mechanical and not produced.
All the sounds have exactly the same velocity through out the whole piece. Not only the drums but also the instruments. I would work on that, get more movement in the dynamics, build-ups, filtersweeps, drumbreaks.
Play some parts softer with some louder accents to make it ‘talk’ or ‘tell’. Playing with a little lag could also enhance the vibe of a sensual dancer.

At 1.24 it get’s some sort of identity, but then quickly falls back.

Greetz Dylan.

Another great track.

Pity the file on YouTube sounds very dirty.

Hi Guys,
Thank you for giving it a listen , I have added more drums and fixed the ending in version 2.0. <- v2.0

Sir Dancelot: I know exactly what you are talking about, I will take that in consideration…

Nice, I really like it. It could use some more dynamics like Dylan said, but I like the composition and mix.